Originally begun as a project to create a sermon archive section on a church website in 2012, Cross Conversion Media was born in its infancy stages as a ministry to assist Brethren Assemblies in the conversion of old audio sermon and VHS cassette tapes to MP3, CD and DVD discs.

What I do is a service for those who are born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and the church that he died on the cross of Calvary to redeem to Himself.

Please let me know how I may be able to meet your needs for preserving your sermon tapes or videos. I also transfer non-commercial VHS home movies to DVD’s, as well as transfering film slides and negatives into digital photo formats to record to a disc for you to print or share with loved ones on the internet. If you have small 8mm film reels or Super 8 film reels of home movies, I can place those onto DVD as well for you.

I do this largely as a hobby and would not consider myself to be a ‘Pro’ by any means. My disclaimer is that if you want bells and whistles, don’t hire me, but if you want a quality job done right, I’m your man. I take great joy in doing the work and put my very best efforts into each and every project I am given.

For the Brethren Assemblies, I work alongside the website Voices For Christ, in case you would like to have your sermon tape archives sent in MP3 form to them for archiving so that other believers across the globe might be blessed and encouraged in their faith.


I do NOT transfer commercial release VHS/DVD and audio cassettes!
(IE: Movie/TV Studio Releases and Recording Label Artist Albums)
Due to Copyrights. Thank you for understanding.