Bethel-Park Bible Chapel (2.0 Website Creator & Former Administrator)

FBH International (Audio Tape Message Conversion)

Rural Life Mission (Audio/Visual Ministry)

Klomp’s Piano and Furniture Restoration (Former Website Administrator)

Faith’s Orphans Fund (Audio/Visual Ministry)

Gospel Folio Press (Audio & VHS Cassettes to CD’s and DVD’s)

Voices For Christ (Sermon Tape Transfers to MP3 files for the Website)

HopeStreamRadio (Various Program Recordings w/Shane Johnson)

Know The Word (Sermon MP3 File Editing for Speaker Mark Kolchin)

Ontario Workers and Elders Conference (Visual Duties)

Guelph Men’s Conference (Audio/Visual Ministry)

Linwood Gospel Chapel (Audio Cassette to MP3 Conversion)

New Life Prison Ministries (Video File Creation)

Myrtlefield House (Video Files of David Gooding and John Lennox)